Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel

Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel

Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel comparison
Pebble totally posed its watch (left) like this on purpose
Pop quiz, which of these is the Apple Watch and which is the new Pebble Time Steel? It's kind of hard to tell the difference between the two smartwatches in the above photo.
Pebble seems to be doing its best impression of the "iWatch" with the stainless steel model of its plastic Pebble Time. The photo arrangement doesn't seem like a coincidence.
In fact, the sophisticated-looking gold finish on the casing and buckle, the bright red leather strap and the dangling pose of the two smartwatches is mirrored perfectly, expect it doesn't copy the Apple Watch price.
That's not to say there aren't other major differences when you examine the April 24-bound Apple Watch vs the July-set Pebble Time Steel with a jeweler's eye loupe.

Design: Pebble Time Steel

Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel
The Pebble Time Steel is the most fashionable smartwatch from the Kickstarter darling. With a stainless steel case and strong machined buttons on the sides, it feels and looks solid.
It also comes with both leather and metal straps if you're a backer, meaning it's ready for any occasion with formal attire when the plastic Pebble Time doesn't seem right.
Just don't expect Apple's over-the-top 18-karat gold from the gold finish of the Pebble Time Steel. That's where the Apple Watch gets more premium - and expensive.

Design: Apple Watch

Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel
Apple Watch is clearly the more luxurious of the two, bordering on extravagant. There are six pricey 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition smartwatches among the 34 Apple Watch designs.
It's not just a gold finish, it's gold, so Apple made it twice as hard as the normally material. Apple Watch ups its protective wardrobe with sapphire crystal glass on its face.
Not all Apple Watch collections are created equal, though. The cheaper Sport watch eschews a stainless steel and gold case for aluminum and sapphire glass for Ion-X glass.

Display: Pebble Time Steel

Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel
Behind the Gorilla Glass that's protecting the Pebble Steel Time, there's an all-new e-paper display that supports 64 different colors and 30 frames per second.
It's always-on color screen is easy to read in sunlight and looks like a major improvement over the black-and-white original Pebble and Pebble Steel.

Display: Apple Watch

Apple Watch vs Pebble Time Steel
The more color-rich Apple Watch features two sizes, 38mm and 42mm in height, and both have different Apple Watch price points. Still, each is considered Retina displays with a high pixel density.
Apple's flexible AMOLED touchscreen can distinguish between light taps and deep presses, which it calls Force Touch, but requires a lift-to-wake gesture in order to turn it on in an effort to save precious battery life.

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