10 Computer Security Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Computer Security Mistakes

Do you know how your computer gets affected by malware infections so easily? Well, that’s all because of the computer security mistakes you are usually making. Not all of us are aware of these, and if you are someone who uses the computer daily, you really need to know about these blunders!

Cybersecurity is very SIGNIFICANT! I repeat, VERY SIGNIFICANT! You don’t have to take it for granted at all. Today in this article, I’m going to introduce you to the top 10 security mistakes you’re probably making. Those that are getting your computer being affected badly.

NUMBER 1: Not Keeping Your System Updated
Not Keeping Your System Updated
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Keeping your computer up to date is very important. The software and windows updates released by the IT companies are usually the ones that can serve you much better than the previous versions. Sometimes, the updates are announced because the previous versions are no longer safe or may, in some cases, be hacked as well. Let me tell you that, not updating your computer to the latest application and operations, i.e., disabling the automatic updates, is one of the biggest risks to your computer that ever exists! Even if it’s protected with antivirus definitions. Hackers can crack them down too to expose you online and make your personal information non-safe! So, be aware beforehand. 😊

NUMBER 2: Not Removing the Older Versions From Your System

This is a very common mistake, that users usually make. Sometimes intentionally, where at other times, unintentionally. This is not something to take very lightly. I’ll advise you strictly to remove the previous version of a specific app after you have installed the new update. Sometimes, the app gets updated, and the previous versions are removed automatically. That’s what the high tech IT companies offer to you. But talking about the moderate ones, such features are generally not available. Make sure to keep a check on your computer’s programs. So that you don’t have to pay back for this little unhealthy mistake in the future.

NUMBER 3: Don’t Double Click on Everything

In our school computer classes, we are usually taught to double click on all types of applications in order to make them active or to use them. This is not what should be done! When you open up a music file, or an email, instead of double-clicking, click once to make it active. Or you can either right-click and open it up using the pop-up options that appear. That’s a more safer approach while you are working on your computer’ to protect it from all kinds of infectious viruses.

NUMBER 4: Making Downloads From all Sites
Making downloads from all sites
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Before downloading something, make sure you are doing it from a well recognized authorized site. Well, that’s very easy to understand! Downloading apps from unknown sources may hack all the data that is kept in your computer and hence make future works unsafe as well. Try to either download data from official sites, or get CDs for applications that are available in the market. Downloading anything from the internet is through fast and easy, but always risky! So, perform a proper security check before letting anything get into your device.

NUMBER 5: Shortlinks are Sometimes Dangerous too

Ever since, short links have been introduced, though they have made simplifications for many but have proved to be really good for the hackers too. Many of the sites that a person won’t like to open, and the pop-ups too’ are made accessible to the users through such short links. Make sure to not open all the links that appeal to you and only tap on the ones that you are already familiar with. ONLY Making a wise choice while dealing with short links can solve your problem and protect your computer.

NUMBER 6: Open, Unprotected WIFI’s are not Always Good
unprotected WIFI’s Are Not Always Good
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Open wifi always seems to be a treat, no? Though they give you ultimate happiness and a really good feeling when you don’t have your own personal internet connection around, they are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS too! Never, I repeat NEVER’ get your computer connected to open wifi sources because these sources can leak out all the information stored on your computer or may also get access to files and apps that are only available through passwords. These are easy vectors for the viruses, and you can say, the most handy route for the hackers to follow to hack your computer!

NUMBER 7: Not Properly Shutting off Your Webcam

Though this invention has brought joy to many lives, specifically to those who have their parents/ family abroad and cant, let go of a single day without seeing them and talking to them. Well, apart from these virtual benefits, it has got some demerits too. Once a virus or a hacker’s steps enter into your computer, they can start invading your privacy by getting footages from the webcam as well. Most of the web cameras now come with a covering in order to keep the users safe from such dangerous situations. And if your cam is an outdated one, not a big deal! You can easily cover it up with a tiny sticky note or a paper too! A little effort can provide you the defense you deserve!

NUMBER 8: Staying Signed in on the Social Accounts, all the Time!
Staying signed in on the social accounts
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Most of the people, specifically those having their own personal devices don’t log out every time they are done using social media applications. This can make your accounts more vulnerable to be hacked. I’ll suggest you do the little effort of logging out and then signing back in. At least when you know you are not going to get back to them for the next 6 hours. Or otherwise, keep your wifi off to prevent any kind of online virus from being getting downloaded into your computer. Also, enabling security settings can solve this problem with ease!

NUMBER 9: Not Paying Attention to the Terms and Conditions While Making Downloads

We, humans, are always in a hurry! 90% of us don’t bother to go through the terms and conditions while downloading an application from the internet. This is not what you should be doing! And it’s not even professionalism fellow! Letting an app control your device, is the stupidest decision one can ever make. I’ll suggest you to properly go through the accesses you are going to give to the app. Also, make sure it’s not demanding any more than what it really needs. This is a very important step, that is not to be skipped at any cost!

NUMBER 10: Not Using Antivirus Software
Not Using Antivirus Software
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I think even the kids of our present generation are familiar with the fact that antivirus applications are A MUST HAVE for all kinds of computers. And don’t go for the trial versions. You are not going to use your computer for a month or three months; it’s better to buy the software application and get access to all of its features so that you can safely use it for as long as you wish to. This step has to be followed by every computer user, and it would be good if it’s done at the time of windows installation. Good luck xx!


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