Five Tech Innovations That can Alter Your Lifestyle


Over the years the latest technology inventions have altered the way we live significantly, as it is. Disruptive technologies like the internet, e-mails, mobile phones, social networking, and handheld computers were, at one point, novelties. However, our lives now seem incomplete without these comforts. When artificial intelligence seemed like a thing reserved for science fiction movies. Now, however, AI has made its way into every industry application one can think of. From AI assisted surgeries to the detection of frauds in transactions, AI has streamlined businesses processes substantially. Innovations in technology are no longer a matter of steady and fine changes.

Latest Technology Inventions

The progression taking place in the IT sector is altering people’s lifestyles.

* Self-Driving Cars:

google self-driving cars
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The idea of designing self-driving cars has been around for a few years now. Nearly every tech-giant including, Tesla, Google, Uber, Microsoft, and Apple is currently experimenting with the technology. This alone outlines the significance of driverless technology. For those who can drive, know the toll heavy traffic and monotonous driving routes can take on one’s stress levels. However, since the technology requires immense levels of fine tuning as it is a matter of safety of passengers. There is also the matter of legal obligations that have to be fulfilled before bringing the technology into the consumer markets. Tesla including all required hardware for the self-driving feature. In existing models for it to provide readily when the concept is approved legally.

Automated driving can save millions of dollars for companies like Uber and Lyft, as they would no longer need drivers to pick up rides. For individual users, self-driving cars can be monumental in saving time and effort for long drives. This will also enable business officials to commute effortlessly, even for long distance meetings and get work done while on the journey. For holiday commuters, people could travel long distance with ease and actually enjoy their road trip while sitting back and relaxing.

* Blockchain Technology:

The blockchain technology was first introduced with the initiation of Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency. Ever since then, this potential for this technology is being researched vigorously. In digital currencies, the blockchain is responsible for securing transactions across the crypto platform. The blockchain primarily works on the standards of cryptography and is an unalterable ledger that is used to record transactions. Each block of data is linked with the other by the use of cryptographic protocols. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers and cybercriminals to compromise financial transactions.

Potentially blockchain has a number of other uses for the financial sector. Top accounting firms are exploring the possibilities of it. It can use for data storage and providing increased security to financial transactions. It can use by banks and financial institutes to restructure their security frameworks, making it impossible for cybercriminals to compromise their valuable client data.

* Artificial Intelligence:

In more recent years, AI latest technology inventions have been able to contribute quite meaningfully to the consumer and business markets. Digital assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google are less known forms of AI. People are increasingly getting comfortable with such devices and are even relying on them for the organization and structuring of their tasks. AI-enabled robots are also being produced that will help in the preservation and cleaning of water.

Applications of AI in the healthcare sector involve assistance in surgeries and making timely diagnoses. Systems are available that can go through thousands of CT scans and MRIs to look for anomalies and aid doctors in making diagnoses for life-threatening diseases in time to save the patient’s lives. AI has also helped healthcare providers organize, analyze and protect patient records. As AI works wonders with large amounts of data, medical records can be organized and assembled within seconds through such systems.

Additionally, AI has also provided numerous applications for the financial sector. It has allowed banks and financial institutes to meet compliance requirements more efficiently through better risk analysis procedures for client profiles. It has also allowed them to secure financial transactions through online identity proofing.

* Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality is a little different from Virtual Reality. AR is primarily a display that allows viewers to see an enhanced view of computer-generated sound, text and other effects. The views formed in AR comprise of both computerized as well as real-world images. Its applications are primarily for the purpose of delivering an intense audiovisual experience. Currently, It uses for the gaming industry. It’s available in headsets of different companies to provide a real-life experience of gaming.

On the other hand, it uses by students since to practice surgeries. The visual aids provided by AI can enable students to better understand different medical conditions. More importantly, AR has the potential for providing precision in surgeries and help surgeons perform procedures in a better and more accurate manner. The latest technology inventions can help with repair and maintenance. AR can help produce lifelike images that precisely outline the damage in a structure. For instance, complete with the labeling of each part and the tool required by the worker and motions they need to do make the repair.

* Hydrophobic Materials:

You might have come across materials that repel water or other liquids. There are some materials that absorb water completely. While from others you can wipe off water or other liquids instantly, without causing much damage.

Currently, such these materials develop by manufacturers that can repel water completely. The textile sector, in particular, is experimenting with the latest technology inventions and making materials that will stay dry unconditionally. The materials, not confined to only clothing items. Hydrophobics can also use for the treatment of water and cleaning up oil spills that cause lasting damages.


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