Negative Effects of Social Media


Out of 4.5 billion internet users in the entire world, almost 3.75 are active social media users. What is the fact behind such a huge following of social media platforms? And is it going to be flooded more with our upcoming generations? Well, it is definitely not a bad thing, if nowadays everything has just become digitized. However, every single thing existing in this universe comes up with some downsides, too, apart from the good ones. Curious to know what can be the negative effects of social media? Chillax’ we are going to find it out in our today’s blog! Stay tuned.

Below you will find a list of the 8 most common bad effects of social media upon our lives. Also, keep in note that’ these are not the only factors that negatively influence our life,’ and the list may keep on updating as technology innovates.  

Top 8 Negative Effects of Social Media:

1. Loss of Proper Sleep:

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All those who are badly addicted to social media can relate to this factor! I will even include myself in this category. Also, the number of social media platforms you join in is directly related to the duration of time you are dedicating to your accounts. This results in a considerable amount of loss in your sleep timings hence affect your health directly. 

You might probably be aware of the fact that if you sleep lesser than 6-7 hours daily, this might end up destroying your immune system in the long run. Hence making you prone to many diseases. This is one of the most prominent effects that social media casts on you!

2. The Flow of False Information:

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Do you need to make something famous? Put it on social media and digitally market it. Your product is going to get famous in a day! That is how this platform works. Though this can be called one of the positive effects of social media, ‘but on the contrary’ false and untrue information can also spread like fire on social media platforms. 

Unauthentic medical sites lead you to a greater health risk. Plenty of such websites are now banned by Google that was delivering false and unverified medical solutions to the users. However, spam and rumors containing data still exist. And this can be a cause of great damage to real human life. 

3. Inefficient Time Management:

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For all the working people and particularly students, can you tell me how many hours daily you spend on the internet using your social media accounts? Probably around 5-6? Or maybe even more than that? Apart from the health, mental, and other risks,’ the biggest damage that unnecessary use of social media is doing to us is the wastage of time. And remember that; Time once gone, can NEVER be obtained back!! 

4. Effect on Mental Health:

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It was reported by Medical Professional that people who use Facebook and Twitter a lot, relatively have higher stress issues than the ones who use other platforms. This is because two of the most popular social media platforms, where news spread quickly, whether a good one or an abusive one, are Facebook and Twitter. Well, I would say, if you are spending too much time and devoting much of your attention to social media, it might result in having a very bad influence on your mind and your mental health. 

This may also affect your overall work productivity since when your mind is not relaxed, you can not work properly at all! 

5. Online Bullying; A Curse Indeed:

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Nowadays, many youngsters end up taking their lives because of Cyberbullying and its after-effects. This is one of the most dangerous negative effects of social media upon us. Not only are young people, but adults also are contributing to this cause. Unpleasant content, aggressive comments, and the use of foul language that may destroy the self-esteem of a person have become very common on social media. We seriously need to take note of this practice and help prevent it from our society to eliminate this harm from growing so that we can make better use of our social media accounts. 

6. Online Shopping Frauds:

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As almost everything is going tech facilitated today, Online shopping has also become the need of the day. Social media platforms provide many such opportunities where you could easily make up an essential cart and hence purchase the things you need. However, one of the negative effects of social media arises as to fraud during online shopping becomes common. Many times you do not get the product you actually ordered, and end up wasting your money. This is more common with the newly established low-end online companies. 

To save yourself from such traps, do proper research of all the available authentic shopping sites present on the social media platforms. If you are not sure, check out the review of the products customers have purchased from the sites. This might help you to take a better decision so that you can be saved from online shopping frauds. 

7. Leading to Anxiety and Depression:

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Apart from serious mental illness, people are also reported to have issues of depression and anxiety when they spend plenty of time being online. Using Instagram, people get inspired by the lifestyles of Celebrities and vloggers and then start being ungrateful of themselves and the blessings they already have. Such acts lead to depression, which is more common among younger people. According to a recent research study report, about three fourth of the people studying in a department had minor or major symptoms of depressions. And almost all of them were super active on their social media accounts, spending a minimum of 8 hours daily using it. 

8. Increase In Suicidal Rates:

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Suicides? Well, the answer is very simple! When you can not appreciate yourself or your life anymore, you tend to finish it up by choosing the most unpleasant option of suicide! But what makes people not appreciate and disregard themselves? Is not human a selfish creature? Does he not love himself? SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCE is the root of all such acts a person does to himself. Destruction of self-love and turning hard to oneself is because of the influence of other’s acts and lifestyle upon a person. Instead of becoming responsible citizens, who could protect their nation and the communities, we decide to finish ourselves and hurt our close ones! SUCH A PITY!


These 8 may not be all the effects that social media has upon us, but they prove to be the most prominent ones. I will say that, Do not think we can not eliminate these harmful effects of social media. If we can answer the basic questions such as ‘why social media is bad for mental health?’ OR ‘Why do people suicide due to social media?’, we can surely find out a solution together. If united as one force, we can flush off all these negative effects of social media, we can move towards a happy and healthy digitized lifestyle! All that is needed is, COMMITMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY! Let’s do it! XX


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