Stoltenberg: ِAll NATO countries in the range of North Korean Missiles

Image by: Wikimedia

Nato Secretary-general announced, Jens Stoltenberg, that each of the member states of the alliance may be in the range of North Korean missiles.

Stoltenberg said in the press conference, such as the meeting of the NATO foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, that the “ballistic missile was fired last week showed that all our States might be exposed to this danger.”

He confirmed that the North Korea issue would be discussed during the NATO ministerial meeting, expressing concern over the continuation of the North Korean missile tests. He noted that NATO “make efforts to formulate a position on North Korea and diplomatic means to bring North Korea back to the negotiating table,” he said, adding that Nato relies on China’s efforts in this regard.

He said that the ministerial meeting would also discuss the issue of Afghanistan and coordination between NATO and the European Union, the theme of the Crimea Ukrainian crisis, as well as to deter Russia.”

This comes after North Korea Wednesday dawn 29 last November, a new missile test, where a rocket was “hwasong 15” ballistic missile, cut the distance of 950 km, and fell in the Japanese economic area. Experience has raised great reactions to the international arena, where Washington threatened to impose new sanctions on Pyongyang.

On Monday also started joint maneuvers of the US air force and South Korean “Vigilant Ace 18” in the Korean peninsula.


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